Ian F. Brown

Ian learned the lesson that the kitchen is the best room in the house from Grandma Betts Kauper. Unfortunately, Betts’ cooking abilities didn’t rub off on Ian, because his only culinary claim to fame is 2am cheesy bean dip. Thank goodness for Max!

Ian is a lifelong Worthington guy who still remembers when The Whitney House was the Village Cupboard. Two words—Sticky Bun!

Ian’s idea of a day off is not having to wear socks or shave. He has great affection for his family, flip flops, and Chicken and Waffles. 


Chef Maxwell 

It still amazes Max’s mom that the kid who lived on boxed mac and cheese has become a chef. Everyone at The Whitney House is glad he renounced powdered dairy products and expanded his palate!  

Max lives for the daily family meal, or “comida” as the kitchen staff calls it. It was in his family’s home that Max learned the value of everyone sitting down together and enjoying a meal together. However, he has yet to embrace his mother’s love of afternoon tea.

When not in the kitchen, you can usually find Max walking his pug, Bernie, watching a Cub’s game, or laughing with his wife, Esther, about selfies.


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